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  1. -[Neet]-

    Me waiting 1 more year to get one: Am i a joke to you?

  2. MC Chillie

    your making Gordon Ramsey cry

  3. Phoenix

    OMG I'm so used to 2020 Austin! 😂

  4. K.O.K.O

    Rip bank account

  5. alu

    "i got SCAMMED by WISH". If you die, it's possible that you can die.

  6. Gabrielle Bazile

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks he looks like Nick eh 30?

  7. MC Chillie

    Austin's motherboard looks like its made from lego

  8. clevie arts


  9. random guy on youtube

    4:32 can i have a GIF of this

  10. Haris Racic

    Duncan. DUNCAN?!?!

  11. ss ss

    How much does he pays for the electricity

  12. Mango


  13. KillerFlamingo

    Good thing I’ve got a Phillips screwdriver and a 512 gb sd card

  14. Mango

    The LG G6 and the Samsung GALAXY S 8 and S8+ have better screens then all the iphones.

  15. alex f1

    the warranty is not void. why the hell would you say its void!!!!

  16. Sebastiaan Dyckerhoff

    austin is so annoying bro just play fair

  17. Jeff Sanders

    Nature man

  18. the master cc3

    what game is this?

  19. Vinnie Yule

    I get £100 on my birthday I get £300 on Christmas So where the money at

  20. Aryan Abawi

    What kind of graphics card is that.

  21. travis scott

    9:44 is to blow up

  22. NotReallySecure

    i only had a gameboy advanced sp, it was soo fun to play street fighters on it

  23. David Orehovački

    Can i get one?

  24. Sasage Playz

    3:33 when you don’t listen

  25. Levi Schumacher

    It might need a new case

  26. Omid Zamani

    The mask Evan is wearing is the one I have

  27. Trevy Hussle

    I haven’t played my PS4 since the PS5 came out and I don’t even have the new console

  28. ToasterTimmy

    Man y'all really love my cousins. I was wondering where they went

  29. god

    not enough for cyberpunk 2077 smh

  30. Marcos Perez Sanchez


  31. Diamond Phoenix

    My wallet is crying

  32. Artic999

    The real question is, where’s Perry?

  33. Emirhan Kahriman

    Austin had Yee Yee *** Haircut back then.

  34. Lazyex x


  35. Reno Mountenay

    My older sister won an og xbox when she was in middle school 14 years ago, and it was the center of my childhood. I remember getting mad and quitting lego starwars the complete saga with the pod race.

  36. Whiteredfoxy701 V2

    Switch is the best

  37. Funventures

    you should make a PC instead rather than using x-box it's cheating Austin WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. IlluminatenBrot

    Hey guys this is austin AND THIS is paying for my rent this month

  39. random guy on youtube

    fake beats huh i broke these in less than a week

  40. Jason

    jason was here

  41. Epic Beyblade battles and more

    can you say all of the parts from the pc

  42. Sulayman Bah


  43. Bryan Chavez

    Is it just me or I just noticed for watching this vid a billion time he has a deku and bakugou nendrooid

  44. Jason

    jason was here

  45. Isaac

    then theres me with my £200 laptop lmao

  46. Susie Bailey

    i love your outfit

  47. Francisco Ruiz

    What moms see A l l i n o n e

  48. Kex Rambough

    I play on Xbox one x

  49. M Z


  50. Alan Jagroop

    When will xbox follow suit to what amazon is doing with their amazon firestick. Where we can have a easy portable set up xbox series console stick. Same goes for playstation. This idea is best for consumers and would sell alot for their company. This can help people play both consoles without breaking the bank👍👍

  51. uninteresting person

    “Angry Linus Noises”

  52. steralert56 diop

    I’ve never seen someone so happy over toasted bread 💀💀💀💀 6:30

  53. ProNeonT -Tutorials

    The startup sound so nice well my 2017 HP Windows 10 Laptop does same sound

  54. Brody's Blazing Channel

    Build PC

  55. dragon ball xlord 2

    Some times I hate when collectors don't open stuff

  56. Ray Supernor

    I kinda wanna see a Broke vs Pro Streaming setup including desk pc and accessories

  57. dragon ball xlord 2

    I wish game consoles where still cheap

  58. Reee man

    Ken: “visit your local micro center” Me"Im not in America"

  59. PaidForward630

    Well actually really very easily seamlessly integratedly.....obviously.

  60. Wayne Tetreault

    The toaster can't stop laughing at that. Priceless

  61. SarPl4yzEXE _

    I now fear my hoverboard

  62. Jason

    jason was here

  63. Dean Amiel Reyes

    Is that Timthetatman Outro song at 4:51? 👊👊👊

  64. Swiety Junior

    My dad brought me this pc for Christmas like 2 years ago, i can't even run Google docs smoothly. I'm still using it because my parents said that i broke it and they will not buy me a better one

  65. Jeni Ross

    my setup costs 25 dollars

  66. Astroluxus

    Did he say fire tv kids tablet

  67. Shifty

    A crossover episode! awesome.

  68. Shane Threlfall

    I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to phone the spy cable, texting won’t do anything, how can a cable text you back? Did you really expect a reply?

  69. Ferdi Grundling

    I can only dream about such a monster of an machine

  70. Andreas Suojanen

    I had one of those card readers with a SIM card reader. Needs a software to read the contacts from it.

  71. GamerXl Dk

    Send me a keyboard

  72. ʟᴏᴜʀᴄᴀɴシ


  73. Swag Got Credit

    Austin's sneaker game is decent

  74. Vibrant Wolf

    i actually like the mouse controller i actually want it lmao

  75. John Mack

    Ken with the obsbot: I can remotely operate anywhere in the world. 2020: *Let’s test that theory.*

  76. Arcade 1511

    Ok I guess you should add a gpu if possible

  77. monster killer

    can i have i pc plz

  78. Mariam Mujeeb

    can yoy do a episode of like the the ultimate ps5 or ultimate xbox series x like you used to thanks

  79. Naveed Balkaran

    stop- complaining now i my cousinj use this and i increa the performance to 240 fps 1 mil secon ping so ita not that bad after doing so fixes